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Our greatest reward in life is to love ourselves completely and deeply. Then, we can focus on sharing that love with the world.  Tahera Rene Christy is the CEO & and Founder of Encore Presentation, Inc. located in Laguna Niguel, CA. Encore Presentation, Inc. is a lifestyle enhancement company that focuses on maintaining healthy self-esteem and increasing self-confidence though personalized coaching and life management activities. Growing up in the mean streets of Oakland, CA, Tahera Rene learned very quickly how uncommon common sense really is.  Tahera Rene turned to the arts to overcome gang violence, poverty and abuse.  She attended Skyline High School in Oakland where she enrolled in the Performing Arts Academy.  Tahera sang, danced and acted her way into the spotlight.  She graduated high school with honors, went to the California State University in Long Beach to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric with a Minor in Music. She later spent the large majority of her adult life in Corporate America with major companies as a successful Sales Manager and Leader.  This success helped her to gain a necessary advantage in the game of life: Building and maintaining successful relationships.  Tahera Rene Christy wants to pass this knowledge along with flare, comedy, creativity and class.   Tahera lives in Laguna Niguel with her husband, Benjamin, and 3 children.  

By Tahera Rene Christy

How To Deal

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A Woman's Guide To Effective Co-Parenting and Preservation Of Self

How To Deal With Yo Baby Daddy: A Woman’s Guide To Effective Co-Parenting And Preservation Of Self is  a book based on the life and experiences of Life Coach, Actress, Comedian, and Singer, Tahera Rene Christy.  Tahera takes you through the journey of her co-parenting experience, while helping you deal with your own through comedy, empathy and encouragement.  There are very few books dedicated to the unwed mothers of this generation.  How To Deal With Yo Baby Daddy offers acceptance of mistakes made in the past, encouragement for the issues of today and hope for the  legacy left for tomorrow.  This is a book of healing.  Once read, it is encouraged to be passed along to the next woman.  “Nobody told us the road would be easy, but we don’t believe we’ve been brought this far to be left all alone.”  

How To Deal With Yo Baby Daddy