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My Short Biography

About The Book

      It is an unnatural process to separate from the father of your children. Because it is not defined by nature, it is a difficult concept to truly understand. No one wants to be a Baby Mama. When a woman gives of herself to a man sexually, there is always an expectation. In a one-night stand, there is an expectation of fun. In a long term romantic relationship, there is an expectation of trust. In a marriage, there is the expectation of the marriage lasting forever. No matter how a woman becomes a Baby Mama, she shares the understanding that she has been let down, bamboozled, disappointed and robbed of her life’s plan and vision for her Baby Daddy’s presence in her life. The cards were played, and this is the circumstance. One must deal with the repercussions of the actions played. There are rules to this game of life: The more you play with effective strategy, the better chances you will have to win. You may not win in the conventional standard of winning, but you can triumph through the struggle with you “self” intact.

        Dealing with a Baby Daddy; the man that you have no romantic relationship with, but must share parenting responsibilities with, is like climbing a mountain: Hard, but not impossible. Believe it or not, Baby Daddies don’t want to be Baby Daddies either. They like sex and apparently, sex with you! It took the both of you to say we were going to have sex, we’re not going to introduce protection and you were not going to have an abortion. It took two and will take you both to deal with this circumstance effectively. Eliminating irate emotions and drama will give you and your children a better experience. No one is perfect, but much like weight management, successful separate parenting, otherwise known as co-parenting, is an ongoing process that doesn’t end; it simply goes in waves and cycles. Many of us have gone through this process, but none of us expects to react the way that we do. There is no amount of comfort a friend or family member can bring that will help you cope with your unique set of circumstances. The establishment of a co-parenting system is not easy; however, there is a way to deal. Going through the process to understand why you are in this situation, learning how to deal with its outcomes, and re-establishing who you are after the dissolved romantic relationship will allow you to manage through the circumstance with your “self” prayerfully intact.

          In How To Deal With Yo Baby Daddy; A Woman’s Guide to Effective Co-Parenting and Preservation of Self, I share my personal story coupled with the straight forward advice and comedy-based comfort that I needed so desperately when I began my difficult co-parenting journey. Many of my circumstances were not easy to deal with but much of it has defined who I am today. My goal is to leave you feeling empowered to deal with your co-parenting circumstance in the best way possible. Through my personal set of circumstances, my silly comedic style, and empathy laced swift kicks in the butt, I will walk you through many of the situations that may arise. No woman knows how she will react if this situation comes about until she is in it. This book will provide you with some comfort and knowledge to get you through the difficulties of co-parenting and dealing with yo Baby Daddy.

By Tahera Rene Christy


             Our greatest reward in life is to love ourselves completely and deeply. Then, we can focus on sharing that love with the world. Tahera Rene Christy is the CEO & and Founder of Encore Presentation, Inc. located in Laguna Niguel, California. Encore Presentation, Inc. is a lifestyle enhancement company that focuses on maintaining healthy self-esteem and increasing self-confidence though personalized coaching and life management activities.

             Growing up in the mean streets of Oakland, CA, Tahera Rene learned very quickly how uncommon common sense really is. Tahera Rene turned to the arts to overcome gang violence, poverty and abuse. She attended Skyline High School in Oakland where she enrolled in the Performing Arts Academy. Tahera sang, danced and acted her way into the spotlight. She graduated high school with honors, went to the California State University in Long Beach to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric with a Minor in Music. She later spent the large majority of her adult life in Corporate America with major companies as a successful Sales Manager and Leader. This success helped her to gain a necessary advantage in the game of life: Building and maintaining successful relationships.

              Tahera Rene Christy wants to pass this knowledge along with flare, comedy, creativity and class. Tahera lives in Laguna Niguel with her husband, Benjamin, and 3 children, Tahj, Tahlana and Tahlia. She is excited to share her story, wealth of knowledge, and experiences with love. For more information about Tahera Rene Christy, please visit her website at

How To Deal With Yo Baby Daddy